Google is preparing to launch the Pixel Watch 3, the latest in its series of smartwatches. According to a new report from Android AuthorityThe Pixel Watch 3 offers several key improvements over its predecessor, the Pixel Watch 2.

Smaller bezels and brighter display

The Pixel Watch 3 will feature 4.5mm bezels, a downgrade from the 5.5mm bezels of the Pixel Watch 2. This change will make the watch face appear larger and more immersive.

The display will be significantly brighter, with a rating of 2,000 nits, double the 1,000 nit display of the Pixel Watch 2. This improvement will improve readability in bright sunlight.

Internal specifications and UWB support

The Pixel Watch 3 will retain the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 platform with a custom co-processor. One notable addition is Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support, a feature rumored for the Pixel Watch 2 but not included. UWB could enable precise location of devices and functions like unlocking your car using the digital car key.

Size, battery and color options

The Pixel Watch 3 will be available in two sizes: 41mm with a 310mAh battery and 45mm with a 420mAh battery. Both sizes will offer cellular and Wi-Fi variants.

New color options include Silver/Rose Quartz, Black/Obsidian and Gold/Abel for the 41mm model, and Silver/Rose Quartz, Black/Obsidian and Silver/Porcelain for the 45mm model.

Google Pixel Watch 3 (rumored specs)
  • Bezels: 4.5mm
  • Sizes: 41 mm (408 x 408 px) and 45 mm (456 × 456 px)
  • Screen: 2,000 nits of brightness
  • Connectivity: mobile and Wi-Fi variants
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 with custom coprocessor
  • Battery: 310mAh (41mm) and 420mAh (45mm)
  • Supports Ultra Wide Band (UWB)
  • Colors (41mm): Silver/Rose Quartz, Black/Obsidian, Gold/Abeles
  • Colors (45mm): Silver/Rose Quartz, Black/Obsidian, Silver/Porcelain
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Release date

More details will be available at the launch event scheduled for August 13, 2024, where Google will also unveil the Pixel 9 series.


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