Google has shared the launch date of the Android Find My Device network, according to reports from 9to5Google. The network will use the large number of Android devices to help locate missing devices such as phones, headphones and trackers.

This release was delayed as Google and Apple collaborated to establish an industry standard to prevent misuse of this location technology. The delay was to ensure it wouldn't be used for malicious tracking, a concern following the launch of Apple's AirTag in 2021.

To accommodate iPhone users, Google delayed its online release until Apple could integrate the protection into iOS, which appears to have happened in iOS 17.5.

Recently, the Find My Device network setting started appearing for Google Play Services beta users, indicating an imminent release. However, the function itself did not work properly.

Find my device's network release date?

Google sent emails to some users on Thursday, announcing the imminent launch of the Find My Device network. The network allows you to locate devices even offline and compatible accessories such as headphones, earphones and trackers.

The email mentioned the release “in three days,” possibly Sunday, April 7 or Monday, April 8, nearly a year after the initial announcement. Users can disable the network via Find My Device on the web before launch.

While Google hasn't officially announced a launch date elsewhere, the email suggests it's imminent. The email also provides a link for early opt-out, but its availability appears to be account-dependent.


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