The Punjab government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has decided to issue Himmat card for disabled people in Punjab. This card will provide financial assistance and other necessary items to people with disabilities.

This is the first such initiative taken by any government of Pakistan for the disabled, and the disabled community has appreciated the initiative. The card will be available in the coming days for those suffering from any disability in Punjab. For more information, readers can read the article.

What is the benefit of a Himmat card

The Punjab government has introduced the Himmat Card, which provides monthly cash financial assistance to the disabled up to Rs. 12,000 per month. The card also offers easy installment loans of Rs. 1 lakh for Rs. 2 lakh, with interest-free limits. In addition, the government provides wheelchairs and other necessary items to people with disabilities.

The card scheme also reserves a separate quota for persons with disabilities when any scheme is initiated by the Punjab government. The government's special instructions for this scheme ensure that people with disabilities can access this quota on a monthly basis. Himmat card is an important step towards empowering disabled people in Punjab region.

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Eligibility Criteria to Get Himmat Card

The Punjab government has announced a new card scheme for persons with disabilities, which requires them to have a disability certificate issued by NADRA. This card is only available for disabled people belonging to Punjab. Those who do not have a certificate will not be eligible. Additionally, those who have an identity card in Punjab but reside in another province can also apply.

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The objective of this card scheme is to provide assistance to disabled people in Punjab, irrespective of their location. The government will issue advertisements about the card, which will be available on its website. The program aims to provide assistance to people with disabilities in Punjab, irrespective of their location.

Registration in the Himmat Card program

Punjab government has not yet started the registration process for Himmat card, so disabled people should check the registration procedure. It is premature to predict whether online or offline registration will be initiated. Those interested in the card should wait and check the website for updates as soon as Punjab government issues any update.

Punjab Himmat Card Registration Process

  • Punjab Government has not started Himmat Card registration process.
  • It is premature to predict whether online or offline registration will be initiated.
  • Those interested in the card must wait.
  • Updates regarding Himmat Card status will be provided on the website.


In the end, the Himmat Card project introduced by the Punjab government is a great deal to provide means to the disabled for the independence of the province. The provision of such financial assistance, loans and essential supports constitutes the first brick of its kind in Pakistan for the disabled community. The eligibility criteria stipulates that applicants have to obtain a disability certificate issued by NADRA and up-to-date registration information. can be accessed on the Ministry's website. The full realization of the Himmat Card program has significant potential to help and uplift the disabled in the Punjab region.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of Himmat card scheme?

The program aims to empower people with disabilities in Punjab by providing financial assistance and necessary items, irrespective of their location.

How can disabled people register for Himmat card?

Registration process for Himmat card has not started yet. Updates regarding the registration procedure will be provided on the Punjab Government website.

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