It's a lot easier than you think to make a man's day. Just get a compliment right, and boom, you'll be smiling for the rest of the day. Struggling to find the right compliment? Here are ten compliments that are sure to make her day.

1. You should smile more, you know? You look so handsome and manly when you smile.

Why it works: It will definitely work because it will make you feel more manly. Men like to feel manly even on bad days.

Manuel tells us that one of the best compliments he ever received from a woman was one directed at his smile. He admits he hadn't been smiling before she approached him, and doubted he'd even seen him smile before.

But the moment the compliment came, he found himself smiling very broadly.

What will you do? Like Manuel, I imagine he will smile very big. If he's not in the mood to talk, he'll spend the day thinking about you and that compliment. If he's in the mood to talk, he might try to strike up a conversation with you.

2. Having a bad day? I don't think I'd ever have a bad day if I looked like you.

Why it works: “Are you having a bad day?” suggest that this praise comes from a place of caring. It will work even better if you are really having a bad day. One of the best compliments a man can receive will come when he's having a bad day.

It will also work because it is witty and complements your look. It doesn't look like her appearance has anything to do with her bad day. It's not that. It is the care, and the witty and humorous deligrery that comes to him.

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What will you do? My best bet is that he will smile, say thank you and try to get on with the day. If he has time, he might try to have a conversation with you.

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3. I was wondering why I felt so hot until I realized you were there.

Why it works: It will work because of its humorous delivery. With men, you have such a huge opportunity when you can use humor to your advantage. Men are funny and they usually love it when women are too.

Imagine telling her you look hot without even saying it directly. That in itself is so hot.

How will you respond? The moment he figures this out, you'll notice a smile spread across his cheeks. The first time a woman used this line on me, I couldn't help but smile for the rest of that day.

4. Can you tell me how to stop him from looking at you every two seconds?

Why it works: Because you have made him the active character of this praise and become someone who is in awe of his heroic nature.

Men like to feel like heroes. That's why it's a good idea to make men feel like heroes.

Read one of our older articles on the hero instinct and you'd be surprised how praise directed at the hero can work.

How will you respond? You can see him blush. He can laugh through his teeth and look away.

I asked Kay what his response would be if a woman ever told him this and he said, “Man, I don't know. But one thing I know for sure: it will be impossible to keep a straight face.

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5. You look like you could catch the sun with your hands.

This is such a classy way of telling her that she is very hot. And guess what? You will really feel it. I know because I've been there before.

6. Your clothes fit really well. It's amazing how you dress:

Why it works: Complimenting a man's attire is also a great idea. If you do it right, as we suggest, it will make your day.

Telling her that her clothes look good on her is also telling her that you love her choice of clothing. Your subconscious will opt for this for sure.

How will you respond? with a smile You will notice a small smile on his face. It will be such a beautiful thing to look at.

7. Wow, you smell so good. What cologne do you use? I would want it in my man or make you my man.

Why it works: It will work to make her day because it's bold and sweet, as if she had to risk a lot to deliver the compliment.

He knows how hard it is to give praise and so appreciates it when you can push that one out.

How will you respond? If he's feeling you too, he might try to challenge you to try to make him your man. He would say something like, “I want you to try.”

8. You are so tall. I really like tall men. It doesn't mean I like you anyway. you know what Maybe yes

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This is also a lot of fun and can get a reaction out of him. My best bet is that you will feel a lot. He will throw the compliment with you.

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9. You should be in a music video, you know?

This is concise and simple, and is capable of making almost any man smile. I know for a fact that if a woman said this to me, my smile would be impossible to hide.

10. I think you look very handsome

Sometimes it's the old, classic compliments that make all the difference. Every now and then, men like it when a woman is direct.


Complimenting a man's right is something every woman should learn to do.

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