Canon announced today that they are developing the EOS R1, a full-frame mirrorless camera, which will be the flagship model of the EOS R SYSTEM with RF mounts, with a target of release in 2024.

Canon EOS R1

The EOS R1 is aimed at professionals, combining Canon's latest technology with the maximum performance and durability sought in a flagship.

It promises significant improvements for both stills and video, meeting the high standards of professionals in sports, news and video production.

Key features include:

Advanced image processing: It uses the newly developed DIGIC accelerator together with the existing DIGIC X processor and a new CMOS sensor. This enables the rapid processing of large volumes of data, leading to unprecedented advances in autofocus (AF) and other functions.

Improved subject recognition: Deep learning technology combined with the new image processing system achieves high-speed and high-accuracy subject recognition. It ensures continuous tracking of target subjects, even in crowded scenes such as team sports.

“Action Priority” AF function: It recognizes subject movement quickly, automatically determining the main subject in dynamic situations such as sports games. This feature helps to capture crucial moments effectively.

Improved image quality: The integration of the new image processing system and deep learning improves image quality. Canon introduces image noise reduction as a camera feature, improving image quality and encouraging users' creativity.

Canon plans to conduct field trials for the EOS R1, which will allow for the capture of impactful moments at upcoming international sporting events.

Future perspectives

Canon is committed to in expansion the EOS R SYSTEM line with captivating RF cameras and lenses, meeting the diverse needs of users and contributing to the evolution of the culture of photography and videography.

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