The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has received numerous inquiries about point-of-sale agents stealing funds from beneficiaries. These transfers are illegal and have caused severe pain to the recipients. To address this matter, the BISP has taken severe action against the perpetrators and implemented additional safeguards to ensure transparency and fairness of payments.

Crackdown on POS agents

The instance of improper deductions by POS vendors has been going on for years. However, BISP has launched several crackdowns to address this issue. According to a recent speech by Rubina Khalid, any bank representative who engages in such operations would face serious repercussions. The aim is to defend the beneficiaries of the protection and guarantee the fullness of their rights without deductions.

BISP actions against illegal deductions Key points
Crackdown on POS agents BISP has initiated crackdowns to combat unauthorized deductions, ensuring that beneficiaries receive full entitlements without deductions.
New payment model Collaborating with additional banks and integrating with RAAST to improve payment transparency and efficiency, while shifting to camps for decent payment distribution.

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New payment model

To address the issue, BISP is currently working with six other people to improve its payment process. It is assumed that the renewal of the original agreements of the two banks, which had ended, will improve efficiency and openness. By integrating more banks, BISP aims to improve the cash distribution process and limit the possibility of illicit deductions.

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Connection with RAAST

BISP aims to link its payment system with RAAST, the leading micropayment gateway backed by the government of Pakistan. The connection will enable consumers to receive payments instantly through their CNIC (DNI). They can withdraw money from any bank branch in the country, which makes it faster and easier.

Optimized locations for dispersal of payments

Switching from BISP to a secure payment system:

  • BISP went from small retail shops to distributing income through camping areas.
  • This change was appreciated by women for its dignified and fast payment process.
  • BISP aims to maintain transparency and fairness in its payment process.
  • They monitor and prevent inappropriate deductions by point-of-sale merchants.
  • Violating officers face serious consequences.
  • Its goal is to create a safe and reliable payment system for all beneficiaries.

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The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is implementing serious measures to address the issue of illegal deductions by point of sale agents. By expanding ties with banks, arranging with RAAST and increasing delivery of payments through parks, BISP is ensuring that beneficiaries realize their full claim. These metrics indicate BISP's dedication to honesty, independence and the well-being of its recipients.

Frequently asked questions

What do you think I should do if I notice an illegal deduction by a point of sale agent?

Communication BISP immediately. Officers who make improper deductions face serious consequences.

How will I receive my BISP payments?

BISP payments can be made at camps or bank premises. For a possible connection with RAAST, you will soon be able to receive payments directly through your CNIC.

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What changes have been made to the payment distribution system?

The BISP has shifted payment distribution to camps with necessary amenities and is partnering with additional banks to improve transparency and efficiency.

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