Senator Rubina Khalid, chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), announced improvements to the payment process for beneficiaries, including the addition of six new banks to make payments easier and more transparent, with the aim of reducing complaints about the Pay Point agents.

Details of the new 2024 payment model

Six more banks viz., Bank Al Falah, Bank of Punjab, Mobilink Microfinance, Telecom Microfinance Bank, Habib Bank, Limited (HBL) and HBL Micro finance have joined BISP payment distribution scheme. With such partnerships, users can move money between their financial institutions, including smartphones with JazzCash or EasyPaisa. In a ceremony where the leases were reviewed by the BISP. Managing Director Naveed Akbar and newly added Bank Managers, the change was officially announced.

announcement Details
New access to the bank Six new banks support BISP payments: Bank Al Falah, Bank of Punjab, Mobilink Microlending, Telecom Micro Bank, HBL and especially HBL Micro.
update New payment sites and a digital payment system have been introduced to improve transparency and reduce corruption. The Poverty Graduation Program was reintroduced for skills training.
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Visibility development and simplified grafting

BISP has created dedicated payment sites to ensure fair and effective distribution of payments. Specialists manage these parks, offering assistance. to beneficiaries, particularly women, who are often subjected to abuse and child abuse. In addition to that, BISP and the Government's Office for All Technology and Information (MOIT) are working together to launch a digital payment system. It will facilitate the monitoring and management of transactions, promoting openness and reducing the risk of fraud throughout the process.

Reintroduction of the Poverty Graduation Program

BISP restored the Graduate Program for the Poor and made changes to the payment method. By providing clients with skills instruction, this previously completed initiative aims to help them become self-sufficient. About nine million families in Pakistan could benefit from this program, policymaker Rubina Khalid said, as it would allow workers to improve their skills and support their families. Given the broad scope of training, students can select skills that closely match their interests and skill levels.

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Benefits of the New Payment Model

BISP payment system improvement:

  • Inclusion of six new banks.
  • It offers several payment options.
  • Reduces reliance on POS agents.
  • It offers more flexibility and convenience.
  • Improve the overall experience of BISP participants.

Guarantee fair treatment to beneficiaries

To ensure that all beneficiaries are treated equally and with respect, specific payment sites for women should be created. For beneficiaries who wish to collect cash, these camping facilities provide a clear and safe environment. BISP is greatly improving its quality and fairness by reducing reliance on POS and adding options for digital payments.


The use of six more banks in the BISP payment system marks a major step forward in restoring the efficiency and honesty of the program. With new payment options and the creation of paid camping areas, BISP hopes to reduce complaints and ensure that beneficiaries are treated fairly. The return of the Poverty Graduation Program shows BISP's commitment to helping people and helping them achieve food security.

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Frequently asked questions

Which companies have joined the BISP payment scheme in 2024?

Banks currently participating in the BISP payment scheme include Bank Al Falah, Bank of Punjab, Mobilink Microfinance, Telecom Microfinance Bank, Habib Bank, Ltd. (HBL) and HBL Microfinance.

What do you think are the goals of the new paid campsites in 2024?

The payment camps were formed to increase flexibility and efficiency in the delivery of BISP financial assistance, which will minimize corruption and cruelty of those who receive it.

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What do you think the 2024 Poverty Graduation Program is?

The Need Graduate program is an effort that provides BISP clients with skills training to help them become self-sufficient while caring for their families.

How can the digital payment solution help?

The online payment system, created in collaboration with MOIT, will improve payment tracking.

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