Online dating is getting better and better. It's changing every year as apps and services come up with new ideas. In this article, we show you the best dating apps of 2024: their advantages and which one might be right for you.

1. Tinder

Tinder is by far one of the most common dating apps. It has a worldwide reputation and is very common even in areas where online dating may not be as well known.

Tinder has a web version and an app version. The app version can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Tinder is a swipe-based app. You swipe on potential matches and hope they happen back to you.


Easy interface: Tinder has such an easy and usable interface. All you have to do is swipe, and that's it. You are paired with people.

Privacy: Tinder also offers many privacy features. For example, you can choose not to show your profile to any of your contacts. If you don't want to be seen, it only takes one click to prevent this from happening.

I like it easy: It's very easy to get likes on Tinder. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many users on Tinder. You can almost always find people close to you who share your interests.

Getting likes on Tinder is easy if you know how to set up your account and put in the best filters.

Filters: Tinder filters are also great benefits for the app. You can filter the people you want to see and the people you don't want to see.

There is a default filter that shows you people who may have the same interests as you.

But you can tweak the filters to show you people from a certain location or age group.

A catfish filter shows you only people who are verified. This one is very important if you are looking to avoid being a fish. Like most dating apps, there are catfish on Tinder.

Users with a purpose: Most Tinder users are on that app for a purpose. They know what they want. This makes the encounter very easy. If you're looking for something durable, there's someone for you. If not, there is also someone who will share your desire.

Quick Email Answers: The customer service on Tinder is also very effective. If you have any issues with your account, just send an email and you'll receive priority responses, whether you're on a payment plan or not.


Cost: Tinder is a bit profitable. It's expensive I say this because some of the very important features that promise to give you a better chance of matching still have to be paid for, even after you subscribe to Premium plans.

An example is the “Super Like”, which allows matches to see you as a priority match. Even if you subscribed to Premium, you still have to buy that Super Like.

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You still have to pay to be in the spotlight. So you can't help but ask, “Why did I pay for this in the first place?”

Free plans are boring: Free Tinder plans are boring. It is highly unlikely that you will get any matches. You'll have to rely on your best guess, liking everyone you think you've liked before.

Guess what? As you keep liking and liking, you will lose the ability to like after you reach your maximum limit. Then you'll have to wait a whole day before you can enjoy it again.

Spam and Catfishing: There are too many fake accounts on Tinder.

Even though Tinder tries to stop this by making you see more verified accounts, you'll still find plenty of catfish accounts. You may even match some.

Ubong tells us: “The small opportunity is always there. And when you find out you've been beaten, nothing hurts more.”


Since payments are usually processed by Google or Apple, your payments may be processed in your local currency.

Tinder offers three levels of membership.

Tinder Plus: With Tinder Plus, you get unlimited likes. You can like as many profiles as you want.

You won't see people you've liked anyway, so matching might be a little harder than you'd expect.

You also get unlimited rewinds. That is, you can always go back to a profile you like.

Some other features are included here. But they won't do much to help you get more likes.

Tinder Plus starts at $7.99.

Tinder Gold: Tinder Gold is another membership level that lets you do more with your likes and the people you've liked.

You can see all the profiles you've liked, so it's very easy to get matches.

You get all the features of Tinder Plus plus you get 1 free boost per month and 5 super likes every week.

Tinder Gold costs $24.99 each month.

There's usually an icon that lets other users see that you're using Tinder Gold.

Tinder Platinum: Tinder Platinum is the most elite level of the app.

You get all the features included in the Gold level, with new additions like priority likes and the ability to send messages before you match.

The ability to send messages before matching makes it very easy for you to get likes.

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2. eHarmony

eHarmony It has been around for 25 years since it was launched in 2000.

It is one of the best apps of 2024 to find genuine and meaningful love.

It has been an app for many men and women who are looking for lasting connections.


Little or no catfishing: With eHarmony, you don't have to worry about being a fish. Opening an account itself is a lot of work. Only people who take dating seriously will want to do such a job.

I like it easy: You will surely get matches easily.


Registering takes a long time: You will be required to complete an 89-question questionnaire before registering.

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This takes a while and can be very annoying.

It's not easy to delete your account: Unlike Tinder and Bumble, deleting your eHarmony account isn't that easy. Your removal request must be approved by customer support.


Price varies.

3. Bumble

Along with Tinder, it is one of the best dating apps in 2024 Bumble.

Bumble has been around for a while and since its founding, it has become the go-to app for finding love for many people around the world.

Bumble offers a web and app version. The app version seems to be much better, with a more streamlined interface and better features.


Some of the pros of Bumble include:

Easy interface: The interface on Bumble is pretty simple. The app is based on swiping, like Tinder.

It doesn't take long to fully figure out how it works.

Signing up is pretty easy too.

Object: Most people on Bumble are people who date with a purpose.

Bumble makes it so. There is a place for everyone.

Bumble encourages its users to find love and establish meaningful relationships. So, of course, Bumble is for you if you're looking for love.

Privacy: Bumble also offers more privacy options. If you're on Bumble and don't want anyone to see you, it's just a click away.

You can go into ghost mode or incognito mode.

In ghost mode, only people who liked you can see your profile.

In incognito mode, no one can.

Combining is easy: Matching is pretty easy on Bumble. In the early days of Bumble, you're sure to get a high number of likes and matches if you've set up your profile correctly.

Check out this article to find out the best ways to get more likes on Bumble.

Video call feature: One of the many features that sets Bumble apart from Tinder is the video calling feature. With Tinder, you can barely send photos or make video calls. You have to take the chat somewhere else, like WhatsApp or iMessage.

On Bumble, however, you can make video calls. You can also share your images and videos with matches. And as you must know, if you've been reading our blog long enough, sending videos and pictures is a great way to keep flirting going.


The free version is boring: The free version of Bumble is absolutely boring, with too many restrictions.

There is little or nothing you can do there except wait for luck to shine on you.

Costs: Just like Tinder, even after you get a Premium membership on Bumble, you'll have to pay for some key features, features that will come in handy in getting you more likes.

Features like “Spotlight” and Super Likes.

Messaging: Messaging on Bumble is a little weird. You don't start most conversations there. You only initiate conversations if you were the one who made the final move. That is, if you were the one who sealed the game.

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If you weren't, you have to wait for your new match to message you.

And if they don't message you back within a couple of hours (24 hours), then you lose the game. The same goes if you don't respond to their first message within 24 hours.


Bumble offers a basic free option and a Premium option.

The premium membership offers;

  • I like unlimited
  • Unlimited Rewinds.
  • You can see who you like and easily match with them.
  • Focus options for a week, etc.

Bumble is a place where you date with purpose and find people who are just like you.

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4. Hinge

hinge it has also really risen in popularity lately. It is one of the best dating apps of 2024, without a doubt, and one of the best places to find long-term connections that are genuine.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, Hinge is not very common globally, which makes users very clear about what they want.

Should you have Hinge on your phone if you're looking for something that will last a long time?

Yes, you should.

Hinge doesn't work like Bumble and Tinder, which rely mostly on swipes. With Hinge, you also interact with potential matches with likes and comments.


More Genuine Connections: you are sure to get more genuine connections on Hinge. There's something for you even if you're gay.

Voice and video communications: you can send voice calls and video calls to your matches. This makes it easier to explore the seduction phase of your initial interactions.

Likes and comments make apps feel a little less bland and boring.


Costs: premium accounts are quite expensive.

You can't match all for free: some accounts are considered a little more famous. They are called “highlights”. And to match these beads, you'll need to buy roses. Roses cost money. They are not free.

The app can be confusing for beginners: Beginners may find it very difficult to navigate the app. But things get better as you keep using it.


Premium accounts cost $33 per month.

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5. Badoo

badoo is another swipe based app. Very similar to Tinder and Bumble, it offers a paid and free membership for web and app users.


  • Simple interface.
  • Accounts are easy to set up and remove if you decide to leave.
  • Messaging is also easy.
  • You get a lot of likes in the first few hours after signing up because the algorithm drives new accounts.


  • cat fishing
  • prices
  • Paid plans are expensive and free plans are boring.


By understanding the strengths and limitations of platforms like Tinder, eHarmony, Bumble, Hinge, and Badoo, you can make an informed choice that best suits your dating goals: Are you looking for love? Check out these best dating apps.

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