The Benazir Income Support Program is a ray of hope for the poor in Pakistan and provides them with financial support. To help the poor to participate in the scheme, the government has launched the BISP 8171 portal through which payment can be enquired. If you want to check your payment eligibility online, you can check your payment online after filling the required information.

How to get financial aid?

BISP scheme is designed for eligible and poor people, this scheme only covers poor families. If you are not poor you cannot get this financial help because these schemes only cover the poor. No, now you go to the nearest NADRA office change your information there and then register with the new information at the Benazir Income Support Program office and you can get financial assistance.

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Method to receive BISP payment

This is great news for BISHOP-registered families who have been waiting for their payments for a long time, so let's also say that the Pakistani government gave important information about the payment in the last meeting. After confirming your eligibility, you can proceed to your nearest bank branch and receive your payment. Most families go to fundraisers immediately after registration.

What to do if you do not receive money in 2024?

They didn't give you the money, you don't have to worry after all the reasons why you can't get the money are revealed, you should check your qualifications at least once and then if you get it, you can withdraw money by going to the nearest place after making an SMS payment from 8171 and they can receive their money after biometric verification. More than 9 million households have started receiving SMS. If you want to collect your salary, they do too. The eligibility review process was explained to you. You can check your eligibility online by sending your ID to 8171.

Method to check your eligibility online at home in 2024

If you've signed up for these plans but haven't received help yet, don't worry because you can now check your payments online. The Ministry of Pakistan has launched an SMS portal to help citizens identify themselves and check qualifications from home.

  • You must send a message from the registered phone number.
  • You must write your own country in this message.
  • Take your card and send it to 8171.
  • After waiting for a while, you will receive a confirmation message that will give you complete information about your monthly payment.
  • If necessary, you can go to the nearest bank branch.
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Families who cannot enroll in this program for any reason continue to enroll in the Benazir Income Support Program. Many people can enroll in the plan through this enrollment and receive financial assistance each month. If you want to avail the plan, check your eligibility. You can request a plan. To register, visit your nearest Benazir office. From here After filling the registration form, you can go to the nearest center for assistance.

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