The Ba Himmat and Neghaban Card schemes, launched by the Ehsaas Programme, provide financial assistance to the poor. Participants must be eligible for these programs and must obtain complete information about them in order to register.

The program offers financial aid to those who qualify. If participants have not yet received their money, they will explain how to get it. The benefits of these cards and the amount they can receive are also discussed. The information provided is designed to make it easier for participants to register and receive financial aid. The Ba Himmat Buzurg Program is another noteworthy initiative launched by the Ehsaas Program.

Presentation of the Ba Himmat card

Bahamat Guard is a card designed to provide financial assistance to the poor, deserving, disabled and economically weak earning monthly income. It offers a monthly profit of Rs. 6000. The card aims to consolidate these people and provide guidance on how to access the funds.

To register for the program, follow simple steps and register with a Bahamat card. The process is simple and can be done from home, making it affordable for both individuals and their families. The program is designed to help those in need and consolidate their financial needs.

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Neghaban card used at the ATM

The Neghaban Card program, which was originally designed to provide rations during Ramadan, has been replaced by the Nihgaban Card, which provides financial assistance to the poor and those not registered in the program. The registration process is simple and requires a registration form. Neghaban card will be issued by Punjab government to eligible applicants who can get complete information about registration procedure from Neghaban center.

The cards will be distributed to those who join the program, allowing them to easily access their money through any ATM. Eligible customers and those who have registered can easily get the card. The registration process is simple and accessible through the Neghaban Center.

How to Apply for a Neghaban Card 2024

The Neghaban program has launched an online portal to obtain a Neghaban card, which allows applicants to easily submit applications. People who meet the requirements will receive an In-Ali Mang card, which will allow easy access to money. Those who have not registered or received Free Atta from the program through BISP are not eligible to get a Neghaban card. To register, visit the official website and fill out a registration form. After an investigation and eligibility check, the program will issue a Neghaban card.

Differences between the Ehsaas Nigehban card and the Ehsaas Ba Himmat card

Eligibility criteria Neghaban card Ba Himmat card
Amount of financial aid 12,000 rupees 6,000 rupees
Eligibility Registered disabled persons Registered disabled persons
Application process Separate application process Separate application process
Beneficiaries Special people Special people
Inclusion in BISP Not limited to BISP beneficiaries Not limited to BISP beneficiaries

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Who can apply for this card?

This program is open to anyone without limited monthly income, over 60 years of age, financially weak or without land ownership. Non-residents can join and receive a card to make easy money transfers. The amount of 12 thousand rupees is for those who are not registered in any other program. The card can be used through ATMs and can be redeemed.

The program was launched in Punjab by the Punjab government and now operates in Pakistan from anywhere. The card is designed to provide financial support to people with disabilities and can be applied for by anyone.

The amount of money received through the Neghaban card

The Neghaban Card is a monthly financial assistance program designed for the poor and deserving, accessible from ATMs. It offers a monthly amount of 12 thousand rupees, which can be withdrawn from any ATM center. Those who have not registered will receive a monthly financial aid after registration. To be eligible for financial aid, individuals must register and become eligible. This card guarantees financial assistance without any hassle.


The article discusses two cards issued by the Government of Pakistan with different financial support and eligibility criteria. If one meets these criteria, one is admitted and receives financial aid if one is not already enrolled in any program. Signing up for the program is easy and only requires signing up with your two main cards. Monthly financial assistance is provided to those who meet the eligibility criteria, ensuring that they do not face hardship and can receive their money from home. After reading this article, people may qualify for financial aid.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Ba Himmat and Neghaban Card?

Ba Himmat Card offers financial assistance of Rs. 6,000 for registered disabled persons, while the Neghaban card offers Rs. 12,000 to the same beneficiaries.

How can I apply for a Neghaban card?

You can apply for a Neghaban card through the online portal by filling out a registration form and undergoing an eligibility check.

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