The Apni Chhat Apna Ghar scheme was introduced by the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif to provide housing to poor and deserving families. The program promises to transform Punjab's housing industry while addressing the housing needs of underserved families. The following are the salient features of the scheme:

Apni Chat Apna Ghar Scheme Details

  • Plan Name: Apni Ghar Chat Apni
  • Presented by: Maryam Nawaz, Minister of Punjab
  • Objective: Build houses to meet the housing needs of poor and deserving families
  • Fifty thousand houses are currently under construction.
  • One lakh houses have to be built.
  • Initially three thousand houses were built in each district of Punjab.
  • Easy installment payments are available over five years.
  • Eligibility Requirements: A monthly income of less than Rs 60,000

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Eligibility criteria

Following are the requirements to be eligible for Apni Chhat Apna Ghar Scheme:

  • Families of the lower classes and the free classes.
  • Low income earners who work for the government.
  • Income below Rs 60,000 per month.
  • Priority is given to those who do not own a home.
  • Those who are not rich enough.

Objectives of “Apni Chat Apna Ghar”

The following objectives guided the initiation of the scheme:

  • To provide decent and peaceful housing: Ensure that those living near and far from urban areas can afford decent housing.
  • Build environmentally friendly housing: Priority is given to building environmentally friendly housing that is affordable to members of the local underclass.
  • Provide defect-free housing: Ensure that there are no defects in the constructed housing.
  • Build houses with high-quality materials to provide poor and worthy people with a comfortable place to live.
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Key points Details
Name of the schema Your wish, your home
Presented by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Punjab Government
goal Provide housing to poor and deserving families
Number of houses – 50,000 under construction – Target of 1 lakh houses
Initial Construction 3,000 houses per district built initially


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz's Apni Chhat Apna Ghar scheme is a big step towards giving the poor and deserving families of Punjab a place to live. With plans to house one million families and 50,000 houses under construction, the plan is expected to have a significant impact on Punjab's real estate market. If you meet the requirements, remember to register for the program and use this initiative to protect your home.

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Frequently asked questions

What income must I have to be eligible for this program?

You should have an income of less than Rs 60,000 per month.

What is the purpose of this scheme?

Ensure that people near and far from urban areas can afford decent housing.

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