April 2024 is here, and with it comes the annual wave of April Fools' Day pranks, even in the tech world. Every year, the creative minds of top tech companies come up with the wildest and funniest ideas.

Let's explore some of the most intriguing (but fake) ads from April Fools' Day 2024.

Nothing Telephone (2a) micro

Nothing indicates the launch of a miniature smartphone called the Nothing Phone (2a) micro.

With the tagline 'Size doesn't matter', this device promises a compact design similar to the recently launched Nothing Phone (2a).

OPPO's Water of Smartphone Innovation

OPPO has introduced Eau de Innovation, claiming to be the world's first smartphone with a built-in perfume dispenser, building on the success of models such as OPPO Find X and OPPO Reno2.

This device adds a twist to the emerging trend by offering scents like Silicone Musk, Code Couture and Megapixel Mist. You can activate the dispenser with a swipe or a push of a button.

The perfume mechanism is based on OPPO's NOSE technology, which allows customization and mood detection. Priced at US$999, it will hit international stores on April 1, 2024, with pre-orders receiving bonus perfume refills and a scented candle.

OnePlus R12-D12

OnePlus has released a video for the first AI device, the OnePlus R12-D12. This shows the phone transforming into a robot.

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Sony Xperia5 V micro

Sony has released an image of the Xperia 5 V micro. This pocket rocket has a small camera that packs a big punch, the company says.

ixigo Flyfie: Your phone's drone

ixigo and abhibus present ixigo Flyfie, the world's first drone for your smartphone. Shaped like a hand fan, it attaches to your phone via the ixigo app, allowing for aerial selfies and vlogging.

Features include a 20-minute charge time, hands-free mode, voice commands, obstacle detection, fall detection and theft protection (beta). Pre-orders are open, but unfortunately, it's still a joke.

Razer Cthulhu: The gaming chair of your dreams

Razer's gaming chair concept, the Razer Cthulhu, features eight robotic arms powered by artificial intelligence, aiming to satisfy all gaming needs without users having to leave the chair.

It includes built-in massage functionality and an alleged ability to order food based on thoughts, along with a shaving feature for personal hygiene.

The exaggerated features and lack of user control add humor to the concept, and Razer claims the chair learns and adapts to users, even if that means unexpected care.

Razer humorously attributes the chair's capabilities to the advances in power and performance of its Razer Blade 18, with each AI tentacle equipped with a Razer Skynapse chip trained on a dataset of more than 1,337 TB.

While not a real product, the Razer Cthulhu offers a humorous glimpse into a future where gaming chairs might be too useful.

Elon Musk joins Disney as director of DEI

In a playful twist, Elon Musk announces his appointment as Disney's “Chief DEI Officer” at X. Expressing excitement about collaborating with Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy, Musk promises to make Disney content even more “woke,” including linguini .

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Weapon style devices from ASUS ROG

ASUS ROG joins the trend with teaser images of two weapon-style devices, which resemble Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield.

With the tagline: “Are you worthy? Choose your 'weapon' wisely,” ASUS ROG adds a playful touch to April Fools' Day festivities.

The first is ROGMjolnir, it harnesses the sun's energy to charge your devices. Light your way with the lightning summoned by it, says the company.

April Fools' Day 2024 brings creativity to the fore technological companies, showing a mix of innovation and humor. While these ads are a lot of fun, they highlight the imaginative spirit of the tech industry.

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