The Apni Chat Apna Ghar housing scheme was introduced by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif for the impoverished and deserving households who had been experiencing a housing crisis. Under the Chhat Apna Ghar housing project, the Punjab Chief Minister has pledged to bring about a change in the housing sector and is committed to providing housing for the impoverished and destitute. It was decided to develop a plan to carry out this purpose as soon as possible so that people can live better and get a home as soon as possible.

One lakh houses will be built

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has decided to provide housing to one million low-income families. The Punjab government is starting the Apna Ghar housing project to build one lakh houses. Deserving, homeless families will receive affordable and sustainable housing under this agreement. The Chief Minister of Punjab has issued an order to start construction of one lakh houses as soon as possible, creating more than 3000 houses in each district of the state as part of this project.

Project details
Number of houses One lakh
Years of delivery five years

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As soon as possible, the houses will be completed and transferred to families with limited resources in simple terms. They will be sent back to their homes, and the remaining payments will be collected from them within a short period of time: five years. Join this program as soon as possible to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get your own home. This plan will allow you to save as much as possible on monthly installments and fees, making it easier for people with low incomes and in poverty to pay their housing installments.

Construction and Sustainability of Housing

The construction and sustainability of the houses are being emphasized by the authorities. even the most appalling and outdated training to have livable and eco-friendly homes. All these residences would be built in the style of state-of-the-art housing societies, as per the directives of the Punjab Chief Minister. All these societies will be built in the closest points of the city so that the less fortunate people can have access to their own houses.

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No registration process has been initiated for Apni Chat Apna Ghar housing scheme. As soon as the scheme registration details are provided, you will be informed. So keep browsing our website if you decide to enroll in Apni Chat Apna Ghar program and get your own house. You will be provided with exceptional and sustainable housing as part of this program.

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Frequently asked questions

Who launched the show “Apni Chatt apna Ghar”?

Maryam Nawaz launched this program.

How many houses will be built with this scheme?

One lakh houses will be built under this scheme.

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