Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of Punjab and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) are proud to present the e-Rozgaar Programme, an innovative program that empowers young graduates of Punjab province in digital skills and self-employed.

Details about the courses

The e-Rozgaar training program offers free three-month training on digital skills and self-employment. visit to apply now. The following courses are available on campus and virtually:

  • Online shopping
  • Mobile Application Development – UI/UX Design
  • Social networks and digital marketing
  • Advertising and Content Marketing: Creative Design

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The goal of the e-Rozgaar training program

The goal of the e-Rozgaar training program is to teach young people how to become freelancers. This initiative, mostly funded by the Government of Punjab, has helped the youth to generate steady income online. Providing young people with opportunities for self-employment based on the Internet as a means of self-employment is one of the main objectives of the project.

History of the e-Rozgaar program

On 13 November 2017, the Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab and the Government of Punjab, working through the Punjab Information Technology Board (PTIB) and the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, established a laboratory at the institute.

Name of the program E-Rozgaar program
Announced by Government of Punjab, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, PITB
training Three-month digital skills and free freelance training
courses Online Shopping, Mobile Apps (UI/UX), Social Media Marketing
goal Teach Freelancing Skills to Youth, Generate Income Online
financing Mostly funded by the Punjab government
history Founded in 2017 by the University of Punjab and the Government of Punjab.
center It offers eleven certificate programs to students
goal Provide opportunities for self-employment through self-employment

Eleven certification programs

With significant funding from the Punjab government and a history dating back to its inception in 2017, the program operates centers offering eleven certificate programs to students. Ultimately, the objective of the E-Rozgaar program is to provide self-employment opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of Punjab.

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In conclusion, the E-Rozgaar programme, initiated by the Punjab government in collaboration with the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports and PITB, provides a valuable opportunity for the youth. Through a free three-month training in digital and freelance skills, participants can acquire basic knowledge in areas such as online shopping, mobile app development and social media marketing. The program aims to encourage youth by teaching them skills as freelancers and enabling them to generate income online.

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