In her speech, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sahiba pledged to give farmers free loans, enabling everyone to become better farmers. In addition, the Punjab Chief Minister has stated that he will seek interest-free loans. In addition to giving farmers access to facilities for continuous improvement of the agricultural system, farmer cards will be distributed.

Facilities for farmers

According to the Chief Minister of Punjab, most of the farmers are the ones who move forward in the agricultural industry of Pakistan. Therefore, giving them the necessary resources to move forward is essential. So, apply for this program right away if you are interested in agriculture or are a farmer. You will get better facilities, interest free loans and other needs for other farmers under this program.

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How can farmers get loans?

Farmers don't have to worry about getting interest-free loans. They will have to submit loan applications as per the Chief Minister's orders. Get ready to register if you want to qualify for this interest-free loan. Each farmer has the necessary documentation.

  • Farmer's identity card with certificate of condition
  • Equipment documents
  • For land records and additional requirements, visit your nearest agricultural center with the required documentation. Once you complete the registration form and submit the supporting documents, you can get a Kisan card and other services.

Giving farmers access to Kisan cards

Apart from providing facilities, Maryam Nawaz has created a channel through which you can receive this help. Obtaining a Kisan card is a pre-requisite for receiving assistance from the scheme. Chief Minister launched Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card; visit the farm facility nearest you to get one.

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Improvement of agriculture within the framework of this program

Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, issued stern directives to improve agricultural amenities; farmers would now have access to heavy machinery. Significantly for agriculture, the initiative will now provide everyone with access to heavy equipment, interest-free loans, fertilizers and other resources.

Features of the program Details
Loan offer Interest Free Loans Offered By Punjab Govt
Eligibility All eligible farmers; need to present the required documentation
Required documentation – Farmer ID with status certificate – Equipment documents – Land records


Pakistan's agriculture industry contributes to improving the standard of living of all Pakistanis, not just farmers. Various vital crops and vegetables are necessary to sustain human life. The Chief Minister took these actions to advance the agricultural system and growth of Pakistan. After completing their registration, farmers will receive other necessary supplies. If you would like to participate in this program, visit the nearest agricultural center to complete your registration.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will get Kisan Card?

Farmers who meet the eligibility criteria can receive the Kisaan card.

Can farmers get interest-free loans without ID?

No, an ID is required.

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