For students, Punjab officials have exciting news: Electric bicycles will soon be available. In an effort to facilitate the mobility of students across the province, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif approved the bicycle scheme initiative.

Maryam Nawaz Bike Scheme 2024

The provincial government recently unveiled a plan in Lahore to provide more than 20,000 motorbikes, both petrol and electric, to residents on interest-free loans, with a special focus on students. The importance of this initiative was demonstrated by the attendance of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the meeting. Improving student transportation was the main topic of discussion. Apart from electric bikes, hybrid bus services for students have also been planned.

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Bicycles without interest

Of the 20,000 bicycles that the government intends to distribute, 1,000 will be electric bicycles and 19,000 gasoline ones. And what do you know? It is a fully interest free bike scheme announced by Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz. Students do not have to pay interest on their installments.

Fractionation plan

The Punjab government has made Bank of Punjab (BOP) a partner in this regard so that students can get interest-free bicycles. You have to pay 10000 monthly installments for an electric bike and only 5000 for a regular bike.


Since openness is key, the government has opted to hold a lottery in May to ensure fairness in the allotment procedure. If the number of applications exceeds the total number of bicycles for which the budget is allocated, the government will conduct a lottery and only twenty thousand students will receive the Bicycles from the total number of applicable applicants.

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Quota for the bicycle regime

Quotas are established to ensure equal opportunities. The bicycles will be distributed equally between students in urban areas. However, there is a slight variation in rural areas, with 30% of the quota going to women and 70% to men.

Monthly installments
Rs. 10,000 for e-bikes, Rs. 5,000 for petrol bikes
Distribution method Draw in May to ensure fairness in allocation
quotas Equal distribution between male and female students in urban areas; 30% women, 70% men in rural areas
goal Reduce the cost and burden of student transportation
Future impact Facilitate school trips, especially with the availability of electric bicycles


Under the leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), the Punjab government has launched an initiative that seeks to reduce the cost and burden of transportation for students. Through this bicycle scheme 2024, students will feel comfortable with their transportation to universities.

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Frequently asked questions

How will the cycle scheme help with student transport?

Through this 2024 bicycle program, students will feel comfortable with their transportation to universities as they do not have to wait for public transportation.

Will the Government make a draw for the Bike 2024 Program?

Since openness is key, the government has opted to hold a lottery in May to ensure fairness in the allocation procedure.

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