Have you noticed that younger men like older women? Everyone, especially older teens and twentysomethings talk about how older women make better spouses. In this article, we show you why that might be: here are ten reasons why younger men like older women.

1. Looks

Some women can look a little more beautiful as they get older.

It is true that many women age like fine wine. With age comes an accentuation of the features.

Their bottoms become rounder and their breasts become better.

Young people are often very attracted to these characteristics.

Tunde tells us, “An older woman is going to be much thicker and very sexy to look at.”

Many others agree with him.

Some men also believe that older women have a rather simplistic but better fashion sense.

Dominik tells us that while younger women may be better at keeping up with recent fashion trends, older women make old things look much prettier.

Men like older women for this very reason.

2. Healthy attachment styles

With youth comes the raging force of emotions.

Young people realize this because they too sometimes have very intense feelings. They know that their female counterparts also experience such feelings, which leads to a rather unhealthy attachment style.

Ubong tells us that, “Younger women, especially those who don't have as much experience with love and dating, may be more likely to obsess and ruin their relationships.”

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Older women, in contrast, developed healthy attachment styles over time. They don't see the need to obsess over anyone. This is why younger men prefer older women.

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3. Sexual and romantic experience

While men may pursue innocence many times, there are some exceptions: some cases where innocence isn't exactly what a man wants.

This is especially true when it comes to the subject of sexual pleasure. Men want pleasure in bed. And as such, a good number will go to a woman who promises that. An experienced woman.

Older women have many sexual and romantic experiences. This is why younger men love to be with them.

Older women must, of course, have gathered these experiences from their previous relationships. If they have had many relationships, of course they have had time to learn and relearn a lot.

The younger man usually doesn't want to do most of the work to make the love last. He just wants to love his wife and depend on her love for him.

4. A capacity for nutrition

Older women have a much better nurturing capacity than their younger counterparts, which is why many guys love older women.

Note that the ability to feed involves:

Being able to identify and empathize with a person's weakness: since older women display a very outward-oriented type of affection, they are often able to identify and empathize with a man's struggles.

They are able to know what a man feels and help him overcome it.

Being able to cultivate positive emotions: all forms of parenting will encourage the growth of bright emotions. An older woman will usually prioritize the good emotions her partner feels. Since she is likely to be a traditional woman, she will try to make him happy.

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I don't know a guy who wouldn't accept a woman trying to make him happy.

Lorin says: “Older women bring out the best in a guy. That's the best way to say it. She just nurtures you until you start showing higher levels of maturity.”

5. Financial independence

Older women tend to be very financially independent. Of course, they are older. And this means they have a lot of experience.

His expertise cuts across almost every area of ​​life, including your finances.

So, on average, an older woman should be expected to earn more money than her younger counterparts in the same society.

Men love the idea of ​​financial independence in a woman, as it promises them some kind of security, making them see that their money doesn't exactly make a difference.

A man loves differently when he sees that his money can stay in his pocket because his wife can pay her own bills.

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6. Healthy jealousy

Men like it when a woman is jealous of them. This is especially true if the woman in question is capable of displaying some kind of healthy jealousy.

Jealousy is such a great compliment to men.

A man begins to feel more loved when a woman shows that she is jealous of him.

Especially if you are able to show this jealousy in a healthy way.

7. Spontaneity

Older women are also sometimes very spontaneous, and this adds to the fun of the relationship.

It explains why younger men love them.

Younger men are also very spontaneous. The difference is that when dealing with younger women, as opposed to when dealing with older women, the spontaneity is greatly reduced because the man has to be the one to choose almost everything.

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The older woman chooses too! You can tell the man where you have a date and when. Men love to depend sometimes. Especially younger men.

8. Attachment to previous older women

Younger men may love older women because of the attachment they have had to older women in their lives.

These women may have been previous lovers or sometimes even family members. Like a kind older sister. Like a beautiful best friend.

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9. Clearer love languages

Older women speak clearer love languages.

When an older woman loves a younger guy, it becomes clear why. She shows him that love every chance she gets.

10. Fun

“Some of the funniest women you meet as a man will be women much older than you. Especially the ones who love you.”

– Cough


Older women make young women taste strange flavors of affection.

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